Publications Currently Available for PFM Program

Publications Currently Available for PFM Program

PFM Program has evolved to become a benchmark in financial modeling. To achieve that, much effort has been placed to develop the curriculum, process and quality, including the reading materials and content. Anyone interested in taking PFM Program need to understand all aspects regarding the certification program, the knowledge delivered and how to get the maximal benefit for their professional career.

There are publications and readings already published by IFMI. Some can be downloaded for free in PFM Website. From time to time, there are updates and new publications available.

The list of publications and readings already published is:

  1. PFM Program Profile

Contains the overview of PFM Program and why you need to have PFM Designation behind your name

  1. PFM Body of Knowledge

Contains the detail of PFM curriculum and body of knowledge which is the standard of what appears in PFM Examination.

  1. PFM Certification Program Guideline

This booklet contains everything a candidate must know in regards with attending PFM Program and Examination.

  1. PFM Program Module

This comprehensive book contains all core concepts and knowledge in PFM curriculum including new concepts, inventions and understanding.

  1. Case Book

To enhance learning, there are spreadsheet based exercises conducted during class delivery. The case background of the exercise is presented in this publication.

  1. Compilation of Financial Modelling Software

Contains numerous spreadsheets to supplant learning process. Each spreadsheet is designed to bring concept into financial model practice.

  1. Guidance to PFM Computer Practice Examination Grading Standard

Explains the grading process in PFM Computer Practice examination to uphold fairness and impartiality for all candidates.

  1. Why PFM Program Develops Its Own Curriculum and Reading Materials

The reason why PFM delivers methods and topics not found in any other courses and programs.

  1. How to Calculate Risk Free Rate for Corporate Valuations

Covering why people err in developing the correct risk free rate, the consequences and the new method to solve the long time error.


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