1. Background

Financial model is an essential skill that needs to be master in order to deal with corporate planning in the budgeting, obtain creditor financing, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, valuations and restructuring.

Building proper and accurate financial model is not easy and needs through analysis on assumptions. Due to its strategic nature, building wrong model can result in catastropic consequences for the years to come due to erroneous decision making. There are methods we can use to increase the predictivability of a model.

Adapted from Professional Financial Modeller (PFM) Body of Knowledge, Applied Financial & Project Model training program applies strong modelling concepts which enable the participants to grasp understanding about financial modelling without the need to enter into the rigorous modelling techniques as well as preparing for taking any exams.

One point to note on this program, participant will learn on how to overt the generic model provided to become financial model of almost any industry they deal with.

This class provides a one-stop solution for knowledgeable individuals which cannot devote more than necessary time to achieve good applicable understanding in financial modelling. The curriculum as described in this proposal has been tailored to fill your organizational needs.

This program will help participants to prepare before entering into PFM Examination program.

2. Benefits of the Program

This Training has several notable benefits:

  • The curriculum is robust and delivered by practitioner
  • The program provides ample exercise and group work to ensure that the concepts can be brought into practice in best way possible
  • The program is concise but focused. Within three days participants will learn from basic until he/she can build robust financial model
  • Participants will need to concentrate on practice. This brings huge advantage to employer as the knowledge learned is ready to use, and even the model studied can be used at work with modification
  • Should a Participant wishes to take PFM Exam, the foundation delivered in this Training already provides a half way knowledge into the Exam and will help prepare even the most basic participant
  • This program is designed to be seamlessly aligned with PFM program, meaning that the participants will not have adaptation problem when entering into PFM Program.
  • Participants who join this training class will be entitled 10% discount on exam preparation fee when joining Professional Financial Modeller (PFM) program within one year after the completion of this training program.
  • The sectors delivered will be matched with Client need and participants will learn to convert financial model to any sector as needed.
  • More cost efficient compared to attending financial modeling classes delivered by ofshore providers with comparable topics.
  • Highly flexible curriculum

3. Training Method

The Training is firmly grounded in the skills and knowledge needed for today’s complex financial and industry landscape of financial modelling. its curriculum is designed to provide its participants with the knowledge sufficient to develop sound financial modelling from the beginning.

Since financial modelling is largely vocational field in finance, the content will be divided between tutorial and class case study to enhance participant understanding. The focus on the program is applicability where participants will be encouraged to discuss on how to apply the concepts in real world.

Sectors in this training will be tailored to the needs of Clients, and the Clients can choose the required business fields, which is oil and gas. There is a wide selection of other sectors available, among others:
1. Logistics Distribution
2. Transportation
3. Property
4. Trading
5. Mining
6. Manufacturing
7. Services : Hospitality, restaurants, transportation, consultant
8. The financial services industry : insurance, finance, bank
9. Infrastructure : tollroad, port
10. Energy : Power Plant
11. Information Technology and telecommunications

The approach will use stem cell method, meaning, participant will begin from a common financial model which will be the core of preparing model for any sectors. Then there will be discussion on how to adapt the common model into the Client sector. Sectors covered in this training will be related to Financial Services as well as any industry(ies) requested by Client.

Participants will be exposed to financial reports in the Financial Services above, and learn to glean important information in order to develop a strong analysis.

Participants will learn the basic of valuation methodology.

Regarding the financial model, participant will learn to build a generic financial model from scratch and learn to adapt it to various industries.

4. Training Schedule

The Training will be conducted as a four to five day program with tentative schedule as follows:

The schedule is tentative and can be adjusted based on Client request

*) The sector / industry will be chosen related the Client needs or based on Client project. Client needs to supplant with supporting information on the project(s). The schedule is tentative.

Detailed couse outline is provided as attachment to this proposal.

The whole training process will be conducted by PT Rajawali Konsulindo

Class delivery in Bahasa Indonesia or English Language based on request

5. Training Facilitator

This training will be conducted by qualified and well experienced facilitator:


Managing Director PT Ghera Multi Wahana

Ricky has already attained 15 years of working experience in financial sector, working in various field: insurance, futures trading company, investment banking, bank and financial advisory companies. Specializing in financial analysis, investment and risk management, Ricky has served positions which enabled him to have first hand understanding on various financial models and to judge its robustness in M&A process.  In 2011, he founded PT Ghera Multi Wahana which focuses on financial consulting and training. He has served many large institutional clients on long term basis.

Ricky is Board Member in International Financial Modelling Institute which administers PFM Program. He is responsible to help develop the Body of Knowledge of the Program. Ricky is also the Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Profesi Keuangan.

Ricky is one of the seven experts appointed as member of Forum Riset Stabilitas Keuangan (FRSK) in Bank Indonesia.

Ricky has been the coordinator for CFA and FRM exam preparatory program in Binus since 2008.