Executive must understand finance to achieve company’s targets therefore needs to learn how to read financial statements and to make precise analysis.

This training provides an understanding of financial reports and simple financial statement analysis

Main topics covered:

  • Understanding of financial statements
  • Understanding of financial concepts
  • Analysis of financial statements

This workshop is equipped with a variety of applicable case studies.

Program Benefits

  • Complete curriculum delivered by Practitioners
  • The program provides adequate training to ensure the concepts can be used in daily activities.
  • Can be used on various cases or account calculations adjusted to the applicable accounting standards according to the Client’s needs.
  • The sectors taught will be related to the Client’s needs, and participants will learn to change the financial model of any sector as needed.
  • This training was delivered by a facilitator who is responsible for developing the PFM curriculum globally.
  • If a participant is about to take the PFM exam, this training has provided the basic knowledge needed for the exam. It helps prepare for even the most basic of participants.
  • Flexible curriculum.



Managing Director PT Rajawali Konsulindo

Investment IDR. 1.000.000 29 – 30 June 2022 Jam : 18.30 – 21.30 WIB

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