Workshop on How to Forecast Corporate Financial Crisis

Every company has potential to experience financial crisis due to external market factors as well as internal factors. Predicting when a crisis will happen is a very tough ordeal to make. However, the potential for a crisis can be calculated based on the probabilistic nature of the crisis. By using the right method, the probability of a corporate financial crisis happening as well as the potential loss occurring when crisis happens can be estimated.


This training focuses on how to calculate the potential loss and probability of a financial crisis happening in a company. The method is considered unique in nature because there are several important tools used and combined. Financial projection is a tool to predict the financial condition of a company by developing the future financial statement of the company. Balance Sheet Approach is a powerful yet little used model which is capable of calculating the probability of failure and potential loss happening. This method is based on option valuation model and be extended to forecast the crisis potential of a company. Stress testing is commonly used to model the potential loss occurring based on certain scenarios where the scenarios are developed based on qualitative assessment. By combining those tools, we can develop a workable model to predict the probability and potential loss of a crisis based on current and future condition of a company.


This training is practical in nature with Excel or spreadsheet based models which can be applied directly in any company situation. The training is packed with case study for better comphrehension and applicability. This training is developed based on some part of Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) Certification Program Curriculum. Participant who are PFM Designation Holder will get full recertification credit when attending this training program.


Who must attend this training?

– Risk Management Specialist an

– Corporate Planner

– Strategic Management

– Corporate Financial Modeler

– Financial and Research Analysts

– Designation Holder and Candidate to Professional Financial Modeler (PFM)


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Download Brochure