In regards with the provision in ISO 17024 accreditation, PFM Designation Holders must show continuous professional development by conducting recertification program.

The Designation Holder is exempted from taking recertification program within one year after obtaining PFM Certification.

After the one year exemption period is over, the Designation Holder must recertify to obtain credit on a program called Continuous Competency Initiatives (CCI) by several means such as:

– Re-submission of professional profile

– Watching webinar provided by IFMI

– Submission of other documents

– other means

The detail of the CCI has not been released.

For convenience, the recertification is conducted once every three years. The recertification program is conducted in such a way that does not create hassle for Designation Holders.

Please note that the Designation Holder does not need to take any examination to recertify.

There will be some administration fee chargeable  every three year. There is no definite amount decided but the amount will be reasonable and cost efficient for Designation Holders.

After a Designation Holder has completed re-certification program, PFM Certificate will be re-issued in the form of softcopy and delivered by email to the Designation Holder.

The detail on recertification program has not been released and there will be notification to every Designation Holder once the recertification program has become effective.