How to Prepare for PFM Examination?

PFM Examination can be taken without the need to take courses. Learning for PFM curriculum through self study can be a challenge. There are third party courses available to assist candidate in taking PFM Examination.

How to register and prepare for PFM Examination?

  1. When you decide to take PFM Examination, you need to register to the available PFM Examination. You need to create your membership profile and provide the required documents by downloading online (CV, Professional Photo of yourself and Government issued ID card). You can register here.
  2. Understand the structure of PFM Certification program by perusing through this website
  3. Learn about rule and procedure for taking PFM Examination by downloading PFM Certification Program Guideline.
  4. You need to know the outline of content that will be tested in PFM Examination by downloading PFM Body of Knowledge.
  5. By searching the through the internet on the topics as outlined in PFM Body of Knowledge or by taking courses provided by training provider who is well attuned to PFM Curriculum
  6. You can familiarize yourself with multiple choice exam by taking sample multiple choice problem samples here.
  7. You can learn about PFM Computer Practice Grading Standard by downloading here.