How is the PFM Curriculum organized?

PFM Curriculum is based on Body of Knowledge (BOK) which is divided into 6 main Sections, namely:

  • Accounts and Reports Used for Financial Model
  • Forecasting Techniques and Assumptions
  • Financial Projection
  • Valuation Methodologies
  • Financial Model Sustainability and Risk Analysis
  • Project Financial Model

The BOK is further organized into sub topics called Detailed Outline Subtopic (DOS). Each DOS covers specific subtopic which is then expounded into PFM Program Module. The number of DOS keeps on expanding. DOS is the basis for content in the module and what participant can expect in PFM Exam.

PFM Program Module is standardized and updated from time to time. Only IFMI can publish and update the Module. Class delivery by training providers may not deviate from the Module.

Training providers may develop presentation materials (slides, etc) for their own purpose.

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