Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) is professional certification program which awards PFM designation for those who have attended preparation class and pass a single level exam. The curriculum covers the field of financial model, which deals with predicting the future of financial condition of a company or project and to conduct thorough analysis on them.

PFM program is aimed at professionals dealing with development, maintenance and analysis of financial model and also individuals who want to embark career in financial sector. In order to sit in PFM Examination, participant must attend preparation program held by licensed training providers authorized to deliver PFM Program. The program is currently available as class room program in several countries.

The program consists of two components:

  1. Preparation program
  2. International examination

PFM preparation and examination is a highly interactive program designed to deliver practical understanding on effective financial modeling. The program covers many subject areas and and through real-life case studies, the emphasis will be on practical approaches.

PFM Curriculum embeds new concepts and models which are not delivered in other modeling classes where some concepts are proprietary to PFM Program.

PFM has adopted Sustainable Financial Modeling principles to ensure that a model developed has reasonable and adequate basis on model preparation process with emphasis on model reasonableness in the long run.