RJ Consulting is Trademark of an Indonesian Registered Company PT Rajawali Konsulindo.

We provide custom designed training to cater specific needs of our Clients. The training are conducted by professional facilitators which have obtained extensive experience in their own fields.

Certification Program:
We have acquired the licenses to conduct training on several certifications:

1. Professional Financial Modeler (PFM)
A designation provided by International Financial Modeling Institute (IFMI). The certification program provides degree for those who wish to enhance knowledge in financial modeling and forecasting field,
For more information about the program, visit: www.professionalfinancialmodeler.org

2. Certified Risk Professional (CRP)
A Nationally acknowledged certification in Risk Management with practical approaches accredited by BNSP, a government body in Indonesia.

Some of our notable topics are as follows:

1. Applied Financial and Project Model

2. Capital market, Treasury Product and instruments: fixed income and derivatives product.

3. Financial Projection and Analysis, Cash Budget.

4. Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions.

5. Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

We have capability to assist clients in regards with various consultancy projects. Many of our projects are blended into Consult Train Method that is by conducting training followed by follow up consultation for a certain period.

1. The implementation of Enterprise Risk Management using ISO 31000 framework.

2. Corporate Finance projects: feasibility analysis, financial valuation, assistance in mergers and acquisitions, financing & restructuring process, acquisition structure & exit strategy, Capability in assisting on multi jurisdiction structure.

3. Investment Services and structuring: due diligence process, creation of Investment Portfolio Statement, Investment Structure, credit analysis, investment analysis especially on direct investment, mezzanine structures, fixed income and derivative portfolio. Also can assist in multi jurisdiction investment structure and investment in private equity.

4. Family office services: a service targeting Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients for their personal financial consultancy needs.

Payment Methods: