Develop yourself as a reliable financial analyst with the PFM program.

To be a reliable financial analyst, understanding financial concepts and financial modeling is a must. One most effective way is by taking PFM Examination. Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) is a financial certification program that combines an understanding of financial analysis techniques with modeling using spreadsheets. The PFM Certification Program allows you to earn a PFM degree behind your name if you pass a 1 level test. This degree will enhance your professional and career credibility in the financial world. Moreover, this degree is valid globally.

In order to pass the PFM exam, you need to prepare yourself by studying material that will appear during exam. In the PFM exam you will face topics related to complex financial, accounting and valuation concepts where many concepts are either new or not well known to analysts and have not been widely publicized. Understanding the knowledge in depth will give you an edge over other analysts and allows you to conduct analysis with different perspective.

To help you understand all the concepts that will appear in the exam, we provide a specially designed training program conducted as intensive, 5-full day training program available as weekday – Monday to Friday and weekend – Saturday classes delivered in some cities in Indonesia and Malaysia. The training is aimed for participant to get deeper understanding on all the concepts appear in PFM Examination and to maximize your chance of passing PFM Examination.

This training will focus on topics such as the preparation of financial projections, valuation using 6 internationally recognized methods, develop feasibility analysis, credit analysis and study various anomalies that often cause a fatal bias in feasibility analysis.


Why Attend Training Conducted by RJ Consulting?

We have conducted PFM training programs attended by hundreds of professionals in various public and in house classes since 2014.
Most PFM Examination Participants attended our classes prior to taking the Exam.
The class blends theoretical explanation and practical spreadsheet based application. Accounting provisions and concepts involved in preparing models are explained in easy to understand spreadsheets to give background understanding.


What Else Do You Get When Attending This Training Program?

PFM Program Module

This 435 page book is an authoritative resource covering the knowledge you need to know when studying PFM Curriculum.

Compilation of Financial Modelling Software

Compilation of around 200 spreadsheet files based on theories and models used in PFM Preparation Training, mainly:

  • Accounting principles, including consolidation & M&A
  • Valuation models and concepts
  • Feasibility techniques, concepts and practice
  • Credit cash flow and analysis
  • Statistical concepts including Monte Carlo models

PFM Case Book

This book contains the cases presented during PFM training class.

PFM Course Material

The hardcopy of presentation material during PFM Training class.

Access to PFM E-Learning Platform

Do you want to access PFM material online? Enjoy FREE access to PFM E-Learning Platform

And the most important of all

Registration to PFM Examination Included (Valued at US$650)

Your package already includes registration to PFM Examination with the following privileges:

  • Choose to attend ANY available PFM Examination in certain exam sites within 1 year after your training (Valid for first examination attempt)
  • May postpone examination for free if postponement is done within 2 weeks before examination date
  • Get discounted price for examination retake in Indonesia.

PFM Program Syllabus

Do you want to learn more about the schedule and the syllabus of the training?
Click here to download Syllabus of the training.


Who Should Take This Program ?

  • Directors & Senior Managers
  • Financial & Investment Analysts
  • Risk & Treasury Professionals
  • Middle Office Staff
  • Commercial Credit Bankers
  • Model Auditors
  • Insolvency Professionals
  • Project Finance Professionals
  • Investment Banking & Transaction
  • Financial Controllers & Managers
  • Strategic & Financial Planners
  • Accountants
  • Private Equity Analyst
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Company Controllers
  • Corporate Valuation Specialists
  • Economists & Quants
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Manager

Do you need in house or specific financial model class?

If you need specialized training based on customized curriculum applicable for specific industries, we provide in house program in your organization. The program is available for delivery in your country and delivered in English.

Our Program Facilitators

Ricky Ichsan, CFA, PFM, FRM, CFP

Possess 9 professional certifications, passing straight on all exams. More than 15 years in insurance, treasury – fixed income and derivatives, corporate finance and risk management sector.

Yohanis Hans Kwee, PFM, CSA, CRP, CTA, CPM

Working in finance and capital market sector for more than 15 years. Fund manager, analysis, trainer, and consultant for finance and investment.


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Schedule of the Training

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Investment for this program is IDR 14,000,000. Please download “PFM Program Profile” provided below to see more information.

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Download PFM Program Profile

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