Strategic Analysis with The Avengers Method

Have you ever done a strategic analysis of your company? Have you linked your business analysis with your business Grand Strategy? Strategic analysis is vital to understanding your business and developing the right strategy. There are various popular analytical methods in the world. Call it SWOT analysis or BCG Matrix used in the world’s big companies. What if the best methods were combined? You will get a model a la The Avengers that synergizes super hero methods to build your business. The results of your business analysis will be the foundation for determining your business Grand Strategy and redesigning your business to be more competitive and effective! You will learn to do business analysis to develop COMPLETE business strategies and designs without being complicated through the synergy of the best methods, namely SWOT Analysis, BCG Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, PESTLE, 360° Binoculars, Business Model Canvas, etc. and your business analysis will never be the same again. . The training is held for two days and is full of applicable practice and is suitable for participants from all backgrounds. You will learn to be an artist to redraw your business strategy and you will get your own Company analysis results!

Training Outline

  • The big picture of strategic analysis in the context of your Company
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • BCG Matrix
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Binoculars 360°
  • Grand Strategy
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Redesign your business
  • Case Study and Action Plan

Training Benefits

   a. Participants get a variety of working papers that can be used immediately

   b. Simple approach that is easy to understand

   c. Applicable


This program is a 2 day training with the syllabus below.

Day/SessionTimeTopics and Discussions
Day 1
Session 1

Strategy Analysis Overview

  • Strategic analysis as a dramatic art in painting
  • Strategic analysis tools and resulting buildings
  • Overview of each tool, its advantages, and disadvantages
  • An overview of the analysis process, the preparation of the Grand Strategy to the redesign of the business model
  • The description of the whole process in a drama: a metaphor
Session 2

Understanding PESTLE analysis

  • Understand the use of PESTLE Analysis
  • Understanding PESTLE as the backdrop for your business
  • Understand the role of each factor as color in business
  • Define business color and feel with PESTLE
  • Controllable and uncontrollable colors and shades
  • The significance of each factor – bright and dull colors Case Study
Session 3

Understanding Porter’s Five Forces

  • Understand your business scene with Porter’s Five Forces
  • Understanding other actors
  • Shake up your stage
  • Strategy, action, and reaction with Porter’s Five Forces
  • Case Study
Session 4

Understanding the BCG Matrix

  • Understanding the BCG Matrix and its uses
  • BCG Matrix in your business drama
  • Understand your Company’s role as a business actor
  • Determine your position based on background and stage analysis
  • Understand settings and flow
  • Steps in compili Understanding the BCG Matrix and its uses
  • BCG Matrix in your business drama
  • Understand your Company’s role as a business actor
  • Determine your position based on background and stage analysis
  • Understand  ng the BCG Matrix
  • Positioning and repositioning
  • Understand your quality through market share analysis
  • Case Study
Day 2
 Session 5

Developing a More Accurate SWOT Analysis

  • Understanding SWOT in the context of your stage and business drama
  • Common mistakes and subjectivity in making a SWOT analysis
  • Understanding SWOT from the classic Greek four elements lens
  • SWOT analysis is based on business and environmental analysis from PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces, and BCG Matrix
  • Determine the basic strategy based on SWOT
  • Redesign your SWOT Analysis
  • SWOT or TOWS – change or take advantage of the environment
  • Case Study of SWOT Analysis for your business
 Session 6

Synergy a la The AvengersTM as a Strategic Analysis Model

  • Model synergy
  • Understand Your Company by using various analytical tools for SWOT Analysis
  • Develop Binoculars 3600 for your Company
  • Formulate the essence of strategy and Grand Strategy
  • Simulation and strategy development
  • Develop your strategy based on Porter’s Competitive Strategy model
Session 7

Case Study: Formulating a Grand Strategy for Your Business

  • Case studies develop a grand strategy from the results of the analysis
  • Linking the grand strategy with the Company’s vision and mission
Session 8

Business Model Canvas

  • Redesign your business according to the results of the analysis and Grand Strategy
  • Understanding your business canvas
  • Understand the nine components of the Business Model Canvas
  • Studying various internal aspects of determining elements
  • Define a watercolor, oil paint, and sketch business model
  • Utilize four elements, roles, interactions, and nuances to paint your business
  • Repainting your business
  • Case Study

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Speaker Profile

Ricky Ichsan, CFA, PFM, FRM, CFP, ERMCP, CFOS, CRMP, CSA, CRP, MM.– 20 years of experience in the financial sector

– Holding senior positions in several companies and organizations

– Responsible for developing a global PFM curriculum

– Investment Advisor at PT Wijaya Karya Tbk.

– Member of the Bank Indonesia Financial Stability Research Forum (FRSK).

– Currently taking a doctorate in management at Brawijaya University.

– Coordinator of CFA and FRM exam preparation in Binus since 2008

Schedule and Investment

Date25 June 2021
Time08.30 – 17.00
LocationHotel Akmani, Jakarta
InvestmentIDR 5.200.000,- 10% Discount  for PFM participants 5% Discount when sending 3 participants from the same Company